Thursday, July 31, 2014


HOLD THIS DATE!!!! Sacred Journeys presents: LUZCLARA in the Northwoods A Weekend of water and sound at THE ESSENCIAL soul level All day SATURDAY and Sunday September 6 and 7, 2014 ( registration is 8:00 a.m. on Saturday Sept 6th ) Luzclara is a Chilean Shamanic practitioner and sound healer who dedicates her life to the healing of herself, Mother Earth and all her beings. She draws for over 30 years experience, practice and study with many indigenous spiritual traditions including the Mapuche Shamans of southern Chile, the Quichua Shamans of the Amazon and the Q’ero of Peru, as well as mystics from the Andes, India and Tibet. In this workshop, we will use sound healing with drums, crystal bowls, Peruvian whistles, singing vessels, chimes and other shamanic tools and instruments. We will use our voice as a sacred instrument of healing and awakening for ourselves, our communities and mother Earth. We will reconnect with the roots of our essence through the connection with water as a primal element and fire in ceremony. Day ONE: Using water and art to find the new dream for ourselves. Day TWO: Mache’ tunes and sound healing to clear ourselves. For more information: or Workshop will be held in the special workshop space at THE LAKEHOUSE B&B in Stone Lake, Wisconsin. Cost $495 includes one night’s lodging,breakfast, lunches and workshop TWO DAYS If you do not need a room the cost of the workshop is $395. Register with full payment by June 1, 2014 and receive $25 off!!!!!!!! (For directions or more information call 715-865-6803) To register, send check made out to: M. Mashek N5793 Division Ave. Stone Lake, WI 54876 We strongly urge you to register before 6/1/14 to assure a spot is held for you-space is limited. Rustic camping available.$455 cost for two days with workshop and camping. 


My dear sisters and brothers, Spring will come soon and I am preparing to take people up the mountian this summer one more time. I take groups for 10 days and personal trainings for 8 days. The personal trainings are one to one and we spend much time together restructuring the persons life and making the change possibly for a better and more connected life. If you are interested I take people from December until March that is our summer here in Chile. Please contact for more information.